Hello world (and some shiny things)

•July 2, 2009 • 1 Comment

Hello, I’m Hal, I sell fractal art on Etsy. I don’t like wasting a post on introductions, but I like neat things so here are some:

Weekly feature 1

1. Orchid necklace from nervoussystem. Anyone who knows me will know I like techy things – this necklace is both techy and functional. How awesome is 39 layers of plastic tied by stainless steel?

2. Green tea with lichen terrarium from weegreenspot. I have recently fell in love with moss terrariums. This one is a lovely clever design of a tea cup in a tea pot (you must click on the item to see the whole thing).

3. Soft tunic – bamboo from Ureshii. I am a big fan of stylish tops, and am very intrigued by bamboo fabric.

4. Paper Airplane Fine Silver Earrings from SilverGarden. Precious metal clay seems like a very cool medium to work with, and PMC origami is even neater and relatively unexplored, judging by the lack of them around Etsy. These earrings are a fine example though.

Every week I’ll highlight some interesting items from around the web. Etsy items will be a large portion of them, as you can tell already. This is a brand new and lonely blog, so leave a comment and say hi! Tell me what you would like to see on A&I, something about yourself, whatever. I’m all ears.