Of Terrarriums and Sheep

My dorm room is pretty sparsely decorated, so recently I decided to spring for a nice green terrarium to liven up the place. After much deliberation I went for The Robin’s Nest by doodlebirdie,

The Robins Nest

So pretty!

which is a lovely open-air terrarium in a beautiful blue bowl complete with a nest. One of my biggest reasons for getting a terrarium is so that I can put my own polymer clay figurines in it (I’ll blog more about polymer clay later!) and this terrarium is just perfect for that.

Shaun is puzzled by the huge nest.

Shaun is puzzled by the huge nest.

Shaun the sheep, if you haven’t heard of it, is an adorable claymation British TV show by the same folks that made Wallace & Gromit. I made my own tiny Shaun figure out of polymer clay and it is calmly grazing the “grass” as we speak.

Shaun hopes mama robin won't sit on him.

Shaun hopes mama robin won't sit on him.

So to conclude, moss terrariums are lovely and easy to take care of and so much fun to decorate! You should really get one if you don’t already – it’s an easy-as-cake way to brighten any room with a verdant spot. Tune in for more about my Etsy obsessions and polymer clay!


~ by diasporart on July 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Of Terrarriums and Sheep”

  1. Thank you 🙂

    Shaun the sheep is adorable! You really have a knack for polymer clay figures. If you end up having trouble keeping the moss moist place the bowl over a tray with pebbles and water to raise the humidity around the moss.


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