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I know I’m one item feature behind – I have everything but just need to write it, but I must tell you about my weekend deal sale. This weekend only, 7/17 to 7/19, I’m offering free worldwide shipping as well as a buy two get one free offer: buy any two items from my shop and get an addition 8×10 print of your choice, free! I don’t do sales very often, so you shouldn’t miss this one! Just tell me the print of your choice in the ‘message to seller’ box upon checkout if you buy two or more items. Get these favorite prints and more at my Etsy shop!



Shiny Things Tuesdays!

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Another selection of lovely things today!

1. Mind’s Eye from jacksoncreede. Very lovely and unique design.

2. Ophelia – Wire Hair Band from whichgoose. I don’t think you need any words to see how pretty this is.

3. White Resin Pillow Planter from danielrobbdesign. How great is a pillow planter?

4. Baby Ruche Bag in Summer Squash from jennyndesign. Love the ruched shape of the bag!

Don’t forget to come back on Thursday for more great Etsy items!

Shiny things time!

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A sunny and colorful selection today! We have:

1. Hippos from talkproof. Aren’t they adorable?

2. Decora shoulder bag from Jume. Jessica makes amazing bags, each of which is one of a kind! So if you like one you better snatch it before someone else.

3. Flying Higher from teaforbini. Elegant in its simplicity, with a clever presentation.

4. Hallmark set of three homemade soy candles from homemadesoy. Great use of the containers, which can be put to so many uses after the candles burn down.

Next shiny things feature on Tuesday!

Yet More Shiny Things on Etsy

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1. Fractal Art Mini Recycled Magnetic Locket Set from polarity. Cat’s lockets are awesome, but this set is especially awesome because the art is by yours truly. I’m very fortunate that Cat likes my art enough to put it on a locket – check out the rest of her great items too!

2. Blue Hawaiian Enamel Petal Earrings from jewelrybynatsuko. Have I mentioned I love enamel jewelry? I especially love these earrings for their texture, shape, and the lovely tiny blossoms.

3. French Vanilla Hot Chocolate Mix from tetoncocoacompany. White chocolate cocoa seems like an amazing idea and how delectable does that picture look?

4. Himalayan Pink salt bar from DancingMooney. Such a lovely bar of soap, from the design to the awesome pink mineral salt.

More shiny things to come on Saturday!

Of Terrarriums and Sheep

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My dorm room is pretty sparsely decorated, so recently I decided to spring for a nice green terrarium to liven up the place. After much deliberation I went for The Robin’s Nest by doodlebirdie,

The Robins Nest

So pretty!

which is a lovely open-air terrarium in a beautiful blue bowl complete with a nest. One of my biggest reasons for getting a terrarium is so that I can put my own polymer clay figurines in it (I’ll blog more about polymer clay later!) and this terrarium is just perfect for that.

Shaun is puzzled by the huge nest.

Shaun is puzzled by the huge nest.

Shaun the sheep, if you haven’t heard of it, is an adorable claymation British TV show by the same folks that made Wallace & Gromit. I made my own tiny Shaun figure out of polymer clay and it is calmly grazing the “grass” as we speak.

Shaun hopes mama robin won't sit on him.

Shaun hopes mama robin won't sit on him.

So to conclude, moss terrariums are lovely and easy to take care of and so much fun to decorate! You should really get one if you don’t already – it’s an easy-as-cake way to brighten any room with a verdant spot. Tune in for more about my Etsy obsessions and polymer clay!

Shiny Things on Etsy

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Yes, it’s more shiny things! Today we have:

1. Orchid Primroses from thegildedbee. If you haven’t seen her lovely flowers yet, you should really go take a look!

2.Glossy Celadon Green Porcelain Pitcher from juditavill. So lovely – everything in her shop is ridiculously amazing. I wish I took ceramics but I probably would have failed badly.

3. Tulip Stack from littleputbooks. I’m a huge fan of all the neat things in this shop.

4. True Friendship Bracelet from jeweledblossoms. I love, love Cathy’s jewelry – I own A Misplaced Soul in Laboradorite and absolutely adore it.

Come back on Thursday for more amazing finds!

Shiny Things on Etsy

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Feature 2

Hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July! I have another round of neat items on Etsy:

1. Ceri Necklace from neawear. I’ve become quite a fan of long necklaces and this one is so pretty, with such a great photograph as well.

2. Koi Pond Jewelry Box from starless. Being an avid polymer clay crafter I can appreciate all of the details that go into this piece that makes it so beautiful and unique.

3. Imp – Sugar Creme from gloilocksandbody. This looks delicious. Passion fruit and apricot seem to be a perfect combination. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

4. 1/2 lb Vanilla Caramels from CaramelJubilee. Another item I can’t wait to try. I am normally not a big fan of caramel but the caramel artisans of Etsy make it sound so good that I’m very tempted.

And that’s all for today, but tune in on Tuesday to see another round of awesome items!